Help some 4th graders 
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 Help some 4th graders

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 MARCH 15,  1995

 My name is Beth and I am in the Fourth Grade at a Catholic Elementary
 School near Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

> Jason and I are doing a science project and we need your help.

 The project is on email, worldwide communication in seconds!!!!.  

 We are trying to get as many messages from different countries and
 cities around the world, just by posting this to a few USENET
 newsgroups and some famous people's email addresses as printed in
 PEOPLE magazine,  we're sorry if it might be off topic but we were
 trying to get widespread general worldwide distribution of this note.

 Please send a note with the following information:

> Dear Beth and Jason,

      Good luck on your science project.

      My name is  (FIRST NAME ONLY)
      I live in  (city, state, province, country)

      (If school age please give grade level)
      (If out of school what is your occupation)
      (If your primary language is other than English please write
       a greeting along with an english translation)

>       Date and time sent!!!!
>  *****************************************************************

 That's all,  we hope to get 1,000 responses as our teacher
 said we might get only 10 or 12!!!

 We'll check it every day and keep all responses on a disk and a

> hard copy printout for display at the Science Fair.
> Thanks for your help in our project!!!

> /////////////////////Beth ///////////

Wed, 15 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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