Chelation for heart blockage 
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 Chelation for heart blockage

Hello.  I guess my lack of quoting does kind of mess things up.  The original
poster also talked about five or six hours in emergency rooms before they
admitted he had had a heart attack.  I understand there is a new test available
to determine if you are having a heart attack so anti-coagulant type {*filter*} can
be given when they can do some good.  This test is much quicker - like a half
hour instead of five hours.  As I am sure you know much bypass surgery was
found in about 1980's to have little efficacy.  There are many "standard"
practices which, of course, have doubtful efficacy.  I'm a chemical engineer
and am hardly anti-technology.  In fact I'm amazed, often, at all the "art" in
conventional medecine.  Lately my newest laugh is so called controlled studies
in ADD comparing psychotropic medications to placebo.  Like any
idiot,bystander, acquaintence, much less doctor or parent can't immediately
know an individual has taken a psychotropic drug and of course the patient
knows. Geez.  If all chelation does is have someone sit there for five hours,
talk to other heart patients, remind not to eat cholesteral it may beat out a
lot of "conventional" stuff.  And with low danger, it may even somewhat work
for someone.  Cathy.

Wed, 08 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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