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 Question about Cervical Polyps


Any Gynecologists monitor this group?  I've got a question for you.

My wife just had a polyp removed from her cervix.  The neck of the polyp was
rooted in the cervical canal.

She started on the pill, Orthocept 28,  approximately one year ago.  She had
her first polyp removed in September of 93.  The pathologist determined
that the polyp was benign.  She is 31 with no children.  We have been
married since June 93.  

The second polyp was removed just yesterday (January 19, 1994).  Its
presence was first detected two weeks ago when {*filter*} appeared in her {*filter*}
after {*filter*}.  The polyp was removed and sent in for analysis.  (It
was fairly small, somewhat smaller than a #2 pencil eraser).  She has an
appointment with the Doc again in two weeks.

Is there any evidence that women who use the pill for birth control have a
higher incidence of polyp growth?  The Doc said there wasn't any
correlation, but the book "Our Bodies Ourselves" states that women who
use the pill are at higher risk for polyp growth.

Should she discontinue the pill?
What causes polyp growth?
Are the presence of polyps a sign of anything worse?  Perhaps in the future?

Any knowledgeable opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Kurt Johnston
NCR NPD, St.Paul, MN

Tue, 09 Jul 1996 04:30:47 GMT
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