Cervical strain questions 
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 Cervical strain questions

  I've been treated for a cervical strain for a couple of months now,
and I've just had a flare-up a couple days ago.  My symptoms at first
included pain from my neck down my right arm including my 3rd ans 4th
fingers, pain below my right shoulder blade going around my right
torso, and sciatic sort of pain from my right hip down my leg, outer
calf and side of right foot.  What started to diminish the pain was
application of cervical traction by the Physical Therapist, then
continued at home.  ALL the different pains were resolving from this
tx, including the torso and leg pain.  Now I'm back to therapy due to
this flare-up, but it feels different in some ways. My entire hand was
tingling with some pain, my head has pain behind my right eye and just
in front of the top of my head.  
  My question is this.... why has cervical traction helped the lower
regions of my body? (might it be trigger points or muscle involvement?)
 My doctor (orthopedist) has told me that cervical steroid injections
are out of the question.  Also, x-rays of my cervical spine and lumbar
spine all are normal.
  I'm wondering if I'll ever return to normal and be pain free?


Sun, 05 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
 Cervical strain questions
I have had the same problem now for about 8 months. I have been going to a
chiropractor and it helps to relieve the pain for a period of time. If you have
never had an MRI along with your x-rays, ask your doctor to consider it.  I  had
x-rays and it showed nothing. I just had an MRI done last week and found out
today that I have a bulging cervical disc. I have been perscribed valium for
the muscle spasms and also have to wear a neck coller for some time.

An MRI, I was told, shows tissue where an x-ray only shows bone.

I also have to undergo physical therapy 3 times a week. A therapeutic massage
every couple of weeks will also help to relieve the pain. And sometimes medical
insurance will help to cover the cost of this.

My only question is whether or not it will go away with treatment or whether I
have to deal with this for life?

Good luck...I know this is very painful.

Mary George

Tue, 21 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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