Mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings 
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 Mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings

here is a news (July 11, 1994):

         LONDON (Reuter) - The use of mercury in dental fillings can
cause brain damage not only in patients but in the dentists who
handle it, researchers warned Monday.
         In a report focusing on the controversy surrounding the use
of mercury in fillings, the British Broadcasting Corporation's
Panorama program interviewed scientists who say they have found
evidence of nerve and brain damage in dentists and their

Do treatments for mercury poisoning exist? I'm considering replacing
all my amalgam fillings by gold inlays. Dental insurance usually
only cover amalgam fillings but not more expensive alternatives like
gold inlay. I'd rather pay more than risk further damage in my
brain. Is gold really safer than amalgam filling?

Also from the news, symptoms of mercury poisoning include:
``The kinds of things that we have found are losses in
function, associated with the ability to move manually very
small things with your hands, a manual dexterity problem,''
``Other kinds of really distinct functions are concentration
-- the inability to concentrate,''
"The program ..... quoted research linking mercury poisoning
with dementia similar to that seen in Alzheimer's disease."

What are other symptoms of MP? What foods other than fish are high
in mercury? Does mercury stay in the brain for good? Does the oat-bran
remedy listed below work for MP?

Another news about cleaning heavy-metal:
         BUDAPEST Hungary (Reuter) - According to a Hungarian
businessman, getting rid of dangerous heavy metals in your body
will soon be as easy as going to the bathroom.
         Lajos Szakacsi, head of the company Avevita Kft, said he is
going to market a new oat-bran extract pill that will soak up
lead and radioactive strontium carried in the {*filter*}stream.

Can the oat-bran fiber get to the brain and bind mercury?

Thank you.


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 Mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings
The following is a reply to my post: (Thank you Leif)


Hello Gavin!
I was only able to post this to (My BBS has not yet got the Could you post it to Or maybe post a message saying that there
is a "RE-Mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings" in the

> Do treatments for mercury poisoning exist?

Ceasing of exposion is the single most effective treatment and the second is to
wait for the mercury to leave your body.
There is a way that is "state-of-the-art" to augment some of the mercury to
leave your body - chelator therapy, mainly used with severe mercury
People having amalgamrelated illness often says that antioxidants in mega-doses
(vitamin E, vitamin C, some B-vitamins, zinc, selen...) and acetylcystein,
magnesium... do have a positive effect (be vare of there potential toxic
effects- everything can get toxic if the dose is high enough and/or the person
is sensitive, but here there are mainly selen and vitamin E that the body has
not so god capability to get rid of and therefore can accumulate into toxic
Fiber in the gut could maybe lower the gastro-intestinal-reuptake of mercury
excreated through bile, and the uptake of mercury from your dental fillings.

>Can the oat-bran fiber get to the brain and bind mercury?

The fibers - No. But it could, theoretically, lower the uptake of mercury in the
If there is some small molecule from it that can pase in to the {*filter*}... Well
then " Lajos Szakacsi, head of the company" should present some science in this
There are always people wanting to earn money by selling "miracules-pills" to
people niot feeling well. To distinguish these from thing that work we really
have to scientifically test them.

> Is gold really safer than amalgam filling?

Gold is not pure gold. (It can have some of these metals in it; Au, Pt, Pd, In,
Ir, Fe, Cu, Ag, Sn, Zn)
Gold do leave the fillings and is taken up by the body.
It is not as toxic as mercury though.
People having amalgamrelated illness do often not tolerate gold.
Glass as DICOR..., or maybe komposit, is better tolerated among people with
amalgamrelated illness.

> What foods other than fish are high in mercury?

According to WHO (WHO. Environmental Health Criteria 118. Inorganic Mercury WHO
Geneva 1991) this is where we get our mercury into the {*filter*} (ug/day),  Air:
0.040, Fish 2.34, Non-fish">food 0.25, Drinking-water 0.0035, Dental amalgams
3-17. Yes amalgam alone is a bigger source than all the others sources together.
Aquatic">food IS the dominating food-source of mercury. None aquatic foods have
lower marcury-content and the mercury is in the inorganic form that is taken upp
only to 5-20% by the gut. The organic methyl-mercury in fish, on the other hand,
will be taken up by the gut by (I do think) 90 % or so. {*filter*} milk to
fish-eating mothers can be quiet high in mercury.

> Does mercury stay in the brain for good?

Half time (=T1/2) (=time it takes for the mercury-content to go done to half) in
A (fraction of the mercury) in the brain seems to have a verry long T1/2, years
up to 27 years, the form of mercury that is responsible for the long biological
halftime may be biochemically inactive mercuty selenide. (WHO -91)

> What are other symptoms of MP?

R...several symptoms may develop on exposure to mercury, either through direct
contact or by inhalation of vapors... The symptoms are: erethism: A peculiar
form of psychic disturbance characterized by self-consciouness, timidity,
embarrassment with insufficient reason, anxiety, indecision, lack of
concentration, depression, resentment of critisism, irritability or
excitability; these appear to cause a complete change of personality. Other
symptoms may include headache, fatigue, and weakness; either drowsiness or
insomnia also are characteristic complaints and in more advanced cases there may
be hallucinations, memory loss... tremor... speech disorders: Slurring of words,
slight stammering, and a difficulty in pronunciation of words are
characteristic... alteration of handwriting... is often associated with the
tremor. motor and sensory nerve disorders: An unsteady gait, possibly of spastic
nature, has been obseerved in some patients. Hyperactive reflexes up to five
times those in a normal person have been exhibited in patients with chronic
mercurialism. Numbness and pain in the extremities may develop in various
degrees. Eye affections: Two types of changes have been observed including a
constriction of visual fields and lens reflex changes. Other defects have been
reported in accommodation and muscular balance. {*filter*} pathosis... gingivit...S
(Mantyla Donald G & Wright Orson D. Mercury toxicity in the dental office: a
neglected problem. JADA 92: 1189-1194 (1976))

Leif Hedegard

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