Does the cell structure change in secondary tumors ? 
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 Does the cell structure change in secondary tumors ?

When my mother was first diagnosed with poorly differentiated carcinoma of
unknown primary (suspected ovarian), it was a small cell. Six months later
after complete remission she was diagnosed with two brain lesions fairly big
(size of lemons) which were expected to secondaries because of the history of

They proceeded with radiation for about four sittings and meanwhile one
neurosurgeon pointed out that the lesions donot exactly look like secondaries.
At that point they tried to do biopsy. They were able to aspirate fluid from
one of the lesions and also get some tissue. The tissue was necrosed but some
cells were found in the aspirated fluid which are suggestive of malignancy, but
are polygonal and do not look like the original malignant cells

Is it possible that the same cancer spreads, but the cell structures differ ?
Or could it have been something that has been induced by radiation or another
unrelated malignancy ?

Any information will be appreciated


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