Virtual Reality: Simulating tilt 
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 Virtual Reality: Simulating tilt

No doubt some of you are familiar with the term "Virtual Reality" by
now. For those that aren't, it is a general term used to describe display
systems that provide 3D wraparound displays, and tactile feedback.

For example, there exist systems now where one wears a helmet with an
optical system over each eye. With a fast computer and a motion sensor,
the computer can generate the proper 3D image no matter where you turn
your head.

This has fantastic possibilities for simulations and the like (I'm
interested in the game possibilities), and thus comes my question:

How to simulate motion?

It would add an extra dimension to simulations if the inner ear could
be stimulated to simulate tilt or even weightlessness. Expensive
(and often unrealistic) gimballed motion systems could be replaced
with a comfy chair.

How feasable is this? As crazy as it sounds, could magnetics, pinpoint
ultrasound, or some other form of computer controlled stimulation be

Any experts have thoughts on this?


***  "Well, heck's farr, Jim, it gives mah computer sumthin' to do when
***  Ah'm out brandin' capacitors." -DM

Sat, 19 Sep 1992 09:45:24 GMT
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