Contact lenses (gas permeable vs soft toric) info. 
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 Contact lenses (gas permeable vs soft toric) info.

I am planning to try contact lenses and I am looking for a good reference
on what I can expect from the different lenses on the market. 3 years back
I tried toric soft lenses (I have astigmatism) but I did not like them because
the clarity was not excellent and also for some reason I had trouble
cleaning them (however much I cleaned them there would be some kind of
a soapy film residue). Also every time I blinked the toric lenses would go
slightly out of focus and come back into focus again (they were weighted at
the bottom). This was a little annoying. Also at the end of the way when
I went back to my glasses I could not see well for an hour
(this could be a problem with all contact lenses because they sit on the
cornea). I am considering trying gas permeable lenses, but I would like
to know what I can expect (are they easier to clean etc.). Any information
on personal experiences or some good reference books will be appreciated.



Wed, 04 May 1994 01:19:51 GMT
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