Free Living Wills/Health Care Proxy Forms from Choice in Dying 
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 Free Living Wills/Health Care Proxy Forms from Choice in Dying

Choice in Dying (formerly Concern for Dying/Society for the Right to
Die) is a not-for-profit educational council dedicated to improving the care
of dying patients.  It informs and educates the general public and health
care professionals about the need for greater patient autonomy and more
open discussion of issues surrounding terminal care decisionmaking.  

Choice in Dying distributes advance directives (living wills, health care
proxies, durable power of attorney documents) upon request.  We may
also be able to answer questions concerning dying patient's rights, the use
of advance directives and state and federal laws concerning advance

If you would like a package of advance directive documents mailed to you
or have a question about the rights of dying patients you may email
requests and questions to:

Please give us your U.S. mail address if you are requesting living will
sets, as we are not emailing these document sets.  Responses to general
questions will be by email.  

200 Varick St.           Telephone: (212) 366-5540
New York, NY  10014      Fax: (212) 366-5337

Mon, 21 Aug 1995 01:01:42 GMT
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