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I would like to hear some feedback to this post.

Currently I am tapering daily prednisone doses.  I have been on it for
the past 7 years (for rheumatoid arthritis).  The past year has been
one of many infections - three major ones that presented itself in
abcesses were grown proteus.  At the beginning of 1989 it was also
found in my {*filter*}.  The last episode was August.  It has been agreed
that the prednisone is the cause of this, thus the intensity to get me
off as quickly and safely as possible.  I have also been diagnosed as
having a positive EB (which was dx. 6 years ago then was negative and
now is positive again), and also had a positive on Lupus which, at last
testing (several months ago) was negative again.  Also, I am diabetic
for past 5 years and became insulin dependent a year and a half ago.
Because I have been in a constant state of "flare" since starting the
taper they decided to try bursts of prednisone - 1000 mg./I.V. - which
was done a week and a half ago.  I had 3 days of partial relief and
now I am as bad as I was prior to the treatment.  For the past week I
have had SEVERE edema of the lower extremities and marked decrease in
fluid output (which has finally started to increase 2 days ago).  The
edema has decreased but is not gone (I am and have been on a diuretic -
HCTZ).  I am having to weigh the benefits and consequences of
continuing the burst therapy (once a month).  
Can any of you give me suggestions and/or alternatives?  My getting off
the prednisone, at this point, is literally a life and death situation
- the doctors have told me such and said I may not survive another
massive infection.  Any and all feedback would be appreciated.....


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Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:59:59 GMT
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