Hope After 20 Years?! 
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 Hope After 20 Years?!

After almost 20 years of chronic neck pain, I am making some progress.
My third Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan shows a disk herniation
posterior lateral between c5 and c6. My research shows me that there
are generally three types of surgery for this condition:

 1) Fuse the appropriate neck bones together, or
 2) Remove the damaged disk, or
 3) Enlarge the spinal cord space.

The results of such an operation are a possible reduction in neck
flexibility after surgery. I also understand that it may take up to
three months to rehabilitate. I am at this time not aware of other risks.

My questions are as follows:

1) What is this condition called (cervical spondylosis?)?
2) What is the operation called (laminectomy?)?
3) Should I definitely try surgery? It seems I've done everything else,
   such as doing self-acupuncture, cervical traction, pills pills pills.
4) Where is the best clinic and doctor(s) who can do this, or is it a
   standard procedure for any neuro-surgeon?

Of course my doctors will answer most of my questions, but since it took
twenty years to even find a probable cause, I'm always interested in other
opinions. Incidentally, here is my history and symptoms:

- - - - - - - -
John P. "Quill" Taylor, R-NECK/JAW CHRONIC PAIN

Description: I have pain every two or three weeks below my right ear in the
right jaw muscle area, always centered between the jaw, ear, and neck area.
About 10% of the time I am in pain, 80% time sore or dull ache, 10% fine.

Important: It's been the same pain, same place, same type, for 19 years.
When bad, it produces ringing and some hearing loss in the right ear.
Also, at times I get slight numbness in the right thumb and index finger.
I also have frequent aches in my neck, usually the day before bad pain starts.

Make Worse: Falling barometer (plane trip), diurnal change in barometer,
greasy cooking.net">food or {*filter*}, chew, talk a lot, laugh, drive, swim ({*filter*} stroke),
carry luggage, blow up balloon.

History: Sep'72 is the first memory of pain

I had recently played football (running back) and received many blows
to the head, but no immediate trauma.

Thank you for any advice, referrals, etc. Please send to:

Mon, 25 Jul 1994 02:21:59 GMT
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