magnetic field therapy 
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 magnetic field therapy

Does anyone out there have any information in magnetic field therapy
for soft tissue damage, and/or bone damage...?  I am talking about
electro-magnetic systems as well as the bi-polar type magnetics.  Any
information or any references to articles would be appreciated...

Thu, 12 Dec 1996 07:14:01 GMT
 magnetic field therapy
Being a market research company - Medical Data International - for medical
devices, diagnostics and {*filter*} we have a focused study on the technology
development and clinical applications in "biomagnetics" (electromagnetics),
including applications for tissue repair and regeneration and a variety of
others.  The orientation of the analysis is therefore geared toward
biomagnetic product development and business opportunities in this area.

In general, our industry reports, newsletters and consulting provide
decision-making information in medical markets, and as such represent the
market research needed by heads of R&D, Marketing/Sales and Product
Management in large- to medium-sized medical product companies.  This
information is hard-won and is tends to be affordable usually only to the
medical product companies.

Reply back for more information.

Sat, 14 Dec 1996 00:46:42 GMT
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