Need info on Hypothermia surgery 
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 Need info on Hypothermia surgery

I don't know much about or what this surgery is called
(that's way I'm asking). But I'm looking for information
about operations that use hypothermia. I saw on some
show that, a person need an operation on a main artery.
The doctors lowered her body temp so low that everything
stops. The {*filter*} flow, heart and ever the electrical
activities of the brain. She was dead. Once the doctors
were done operating. They raised her body temp and soon
she was back alive. Everything working and with no
damage from the cold.
        My question is, how it this done? How do they bring
them back? Does the heart start pumping again once the
body temp is rised or do they have to use a 'defibrillator' to
get the heart going?  Is there any side effects or dangers?
Any information would be great. I'm writing a report on this
and need as much information as I can and soon. If
anyone knows any books about this or Web site, please e-mail
me. Thank you.


Sun, 13 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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