Announcement - ENAR 1995 Case Studies Competition 
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 Announcement - ENAR 1995 Case Studies Competition

Please help distribute this notice to those (practicing statisticians
without a doctorate) to whom it applies.  I believe that it is a good
opportunity.  Thanks.



     The Eastern North American Region of the International Biometric
Society, in an effort to encourage participation of Masters level
statisticians in the Society's activities, announces an awards
competition for work that demonstrates effective applications of
statistical methods to data arising from biological investigations.
Awards will be based on originality and thoroughness in illustrating
use of new statistical methodology, innovative application of
existing methodology, comparison of competing analysis strategies,
or use of standard techniques for analyzing an unusual or complex
data set arising from a biological field of study.
     Since the purpose of the competition is to encourage participation
of non-Ph.D. statisticians, persons who have (or are pursuing) a Ph.D.
degree are not eligible. Awardees will be asked to present
their work during a special poster session at the Society's
Spring Meeting, to be held in Birmingham, Alabama, March 26-29, 1995.
further information, contact: ENAR Case Studies Competition,
International Biometric Society (ENAR), 1730 N. Lynn St., Suite 502,
Arlington, VA 22209-2004, FAX: (703)276-8196,


Rick Chappell <> Asst. Professor, Depts. of Statistics and Biostatistics

K6/430 Clinical Science Center <> 600 Highland Ave <> Madison, WI  53792
(608) 263-5572 / FAX 263-1059 <> take logs

Mon, 24 Feb 1997 23:52:21 GMT
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