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Psychology &                                          By: John M. Grohol
Support Groups Newsgroup Pointer                

This Pointer will help you find the information you need and get your
questions answered much quicker than if you were to simply crosspost to
every psychology or support newsgroup in existence. It is provided as
a public service. Post your article in the most appropriate newsgroup
according to its topic.

  * Not all sites carry all the below listed alt.* newsgroups.
  * If your site does not carry a particular alt newsgroup, please
  * contact your own News administrator and request that they
  * begin carrying that specific group.

  * Because of software posting limitations, this article may
  * appear more than once. My apologies for this inconvenience.

Comments & suggestions for additions are always welcome!

Question on...                               Post to...
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------
Perception, memory, judgment & reasoning     sci.cognitive
Medicine & related products & regulations
AIDS and the HIV virus              (m)
Nutrition & diet                   
Dialog & news in psychiatry & psychobiology
General psychology                           sci.psychology
Research issues in psychology                sci.psychology.research (m)
Diabetes, hypoglycaemia            
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------
General help with psychological problems
Personality taxonomies/assessment/models     alt.psychology.personality
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------
Recovering from all types of abuse           alt.abuse.recovery
Recovery for abuse offenders/perpetrators    alt.abuse.offender.recovery
General topics in recovery                   alt.recovery
Recovering from {*filter*} {*filter*}ions            alt.recovery.{*filter*}ion.{*filter*}
Codependency                                 alt.recovery.codependency
Recovering from the effects of religion      alt.recovery.religion
Recovering from {*filter*} abuse                 alt.{*filter*}.abuse.recovery
Alternate models of dealing with abuse       alt.abuse.transcendence
Moderated version:alt.{*filter*}.abuse.recovery  alt.abuse-recovery (m)
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------
Partners of childhood {*filter*} abuse survivors
Anxiety and panic disorders        
Attention-deficit disorders        
Fat-acceptance with no dieting talk
Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis
Depression & mood disorders        
Developmental delay                
Dieting/losing weight/nutrition    
Divorce/marital breakups           
Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.)
Multiple sclerosis                 
Effects of second-hand smoke       
Obesity                             (m)
Issues of interest to short people 
Help being a step-parent           
Stopping or quitting smoking       
Stuttering & other speaking difficulties
Issues of interest to tall people  
Tinnitus/ringing ears/other head noises
{*filter*}ed & intersexed persons {*filter*}ed
Other support topics & questions   
-------------------------------------------  --------------------------
Causes & treatment of infertility            alt.infertility
People far from average height               alt.sigma2.height
-------------------------------------------  --------------------------
(m) = Moderated newsgroup

This Pointer is freely distributable to any other mailing list, newsgroup,
or network service provider as long as it remains fully intact.
Copyright retained by author.

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