Fear induced pass outs 
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 Fear induced pass outs

A friend of mine has a very difficult time with witnessing {*filter*} and/or medical procedures.  She is a mother with a small child and therefore is going to encounter the usual cuts and scrapes that children get.  The problem is if she sees   anything of this sort, she passes out cold.  More recently she passed out duringa dermatologist's exam and stopped breathing.  CPR was administered and she was revived.  Obviously this type of condition is dangerous to both her health and
the health and safety of her child.  She told the dermatologist that she would
see a nerologist but as of yet hasnot done so.

Does anyone know about this kind of black outs?  What kind of treatements are
available?  Could this be a sign of some other neurological problem?  Is this
a systemic problem or should it be adressed by a psychiatrist??

Sat, 30 Aug 1997 06:29:51 GMT
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