Request for Information: Lactose Intolerance 
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 Request for Information: Lactose Intolerance

 > I would appreciate any information, pointers to references or
 > sources of information on Lactose Intolerance

If memory searves me correctly, there is a toll free number listed on
the package/bottle of LACTAID (R) Ask your phamacist. I have lactose
non-persistance, but I happen to like the product DAIRY-EASE (R)
tablets. I don't think that there is much difference between brands.
I do like the chewable tablets (personal preference) that DAIRY-EASE (R) has,
as I can chew it faster. It does work for me. Note: If you
have any problems with sugar or galactose, see your M.D. first.

Uucp: ...{gatech,ames,rutgers}!ncar!asuvax!stjhmc!273!715!Robin.Salmansohn

Mon, 08 Aug 1994 22:33:53 GMT
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