New Study: Ancient Medical Approach Shows Promise for Parkinson's, Diabetes, and Other Chronic Diseases 
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 New Study: Ancient Medical Approach Shows Promise for Parkinson's, Diabetes, and Other Chronic Diseases

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September 15, 2000

New Study: Ancient Medical Approach Shows Promise for
Parkinson's, Diabetes, and Other Chronic Diseases

A natural medical approach based on ancient Vedic texts may be
useful in the management of certain chronic diseases, such as
diabetes and Parkinson's, according to findings from four case
studies published in the most recent issue of BEHAVI{*filter*}

"Approximately 100 million Americans suffer from one or more
chronic illnesses," said study co-author Richard Averbach, M.D.
"This study suggests that Maharishi Vedic Medicine may help to
address the urgent need for a new approach to relieving these

The study investigated the effectiveness of Maharishi Vedic
Medicine(SM) (MVM), a traditional, comprehensive system of
natural medicine, in the management of chronic disorders.

According to Dr. Averbach, the study builds on previous
research that found specific MVM therapies to be beneficial.
"This new study shows the far-reaching benefits of using MVM as
an integrated, multimodality system of natural medicine," he

The study describes the outcomes in four patients: one with
sarcoidosis; one with Parkinson's disease; a third with renal
hypertension; and a fourth with diabetes/essential
hypertension/anxiety disorder. The four patients in the study
were given personally designed MVM treatment programs. All
programs included: the Transcendental Meditation? technique,
dietary and herbal preparations, exercise and approaches of
environmental health, physiological purification procedures,
pulse diagnosis, and sound therapy. Standard clinical signs,
symptoms, and laboratory examinations for each disease were
evaluated before, during, and after the treatment.

Findings from the study were impressive. Eigh{*filter*} months after
discharge, a 56-year-old woman previously suffering from
sarcoidosis remained free of dyspnea, iritis, fatigue, fevers,
and other symptoms. A 47-year-old woman diagnosed with renal
hypertension was able to discontinue her medication during
treatment. A year after the study, her {*filter*} pressure readings
remained normal without medication.

A 55-year-old male diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, essential
hypertension and anxiety disorder was without symptoms at the
time of discharge. After three months on reduced medication and
a prescribed home regimen, he was able to discontinue medication
entirely. Three months later, his {*filter*} pressure readings and
mood remained stable. A 49-year-old woman with Parkinson's
disease showed measurable improvements in gait, postural
stability, tremor, freezing episodes, and other symptoms, during
and after the study. She was also able to lower her medications

 "Maharishi Vedic Medicine enlivens the body's own inner
intelligence and naturally restores wholeness to the mind and
body," said Robert Schneider, M.D., study co-author. "More and
more people are seeking out natural medical approaches to
improve their health without the harmful side effects of {*filter*}
and surgery."

In 1990, approximately one third of the U.S. population
consulted alternative providers. This resulted in 425 million
visits per year, outnumbering visits to primary care physicians.
Despite increasing public demand for natural medical approaches,
many products and therapies that are available have not been
thoroughly tested.

"To the best of our knowledge, Maharishi Vedic Medicine is the
most rigorously researched of all natural approaches to the
prevention and management of chronic disease," said Dr.

Reference: Nader T, Rothenberg S, Averbach R, Charles B, Fields
JZ, Schneider RH. "Improvements in Chronic Diseases with a
Comprehensive Natural Medicine Approach: A Review and Case
Series," BEHAVI{*filter*}MEDICINE. 2000; 26(1):34-46.


Craig S. Shaw
Director of Libraries and Medical Information Services
Maharishi University of Management Library
Fairfield, IA 52557


College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine

Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention

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