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> I think I will send this with my $200.00 USD payment for him
> interviewing me to see if I was someone he could work with.  Please
> proof read this one for me... ;)

Your wish is my command...

 I have no idea what he drives but

> with what he charges he can damn well afford a mercedes.

Good arent going to pay the parasite are you?..tell him to sue
for crying out loud..
god ..that makes me so angry...
charging$200 dollars to tell you he wont see you..


> There was an evil young doctor name Furst
> I spat on his shoes and then cursed
> I hope you drive your mercedes
> Straight into Hades
> For refusing those who need it worst

I was robbed by evil Doc Furst
so I spat on his shoes and then cursed
You can drive your mercedes
straight into Hades
For refusing the ones who hurt worst

Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:23:46 GMT
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