Results of GUSTO Heart Attack Study to be Released Friday 
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 Results of GUSTO Heart Attack Study to be Released Friday

Here is a press release from Medical Science Communications.

 Results of GUSTO Heart Attack Study to be Released Friday
 To: Assignment Desk, Medical Writer
 Contact: Jim Augustine of Medical Science Communication,
          703-644-6824, or Steve Hull or Tracy Furey,
          800-477-9626 or April 29-30, 202-393-2000 or
          202-662-7592 (J.W. Marriott)

   News Advisory:

   Results of the largest heart attack study ever undertaken,
the Global Utilization of Streptokinase and t-PA for Occluded
Coronary Arteries trial (GUSTO), will be presented Friday, April
30, at the Clinical Research Meeting.
   A press conference will be held at 12:30 p.m.
   GUSTO evaluates the most aggressive emergency-room treatment
strategies available to clear blocked heart arteries and restore
{*filter*} flow to the heart, a process called thrombolysis.  The
thrombolytic strategies compared in GUSTO use powerful {*filter*} to break
up {*filter*} clots in heart vessels quickly and prevent clots from
recurring.  These strategies have never been compared directly in a
large-scale clinical trial until GUSTO.  The results are expected to
have an important impact on heart attack treatment worldwide.
   The press conference will be held at two locations: live at the
National Press Club, Main Lounge, 13th Floor, 529 14th St., N.W.,
Washington D.C., and via satellite at The Hotel Macklowe, 145 W. 44th
Street, 4th Floor, New York City, between Broadway and 6th Avenue.
   GUSTO results will be presented by Eric Topol M.D., GUSTO Study
Chairman, professor and chairman of the Department of Cardiology at
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Robert Califf, M.D., clinical
director, GUSTO Coordinating Center and Associate Professor of
Medicine at Duke University Medical Center; and Allan Ross, M.D.,
coordinator of the GUSTO Angiographic Substudy and professor and
director of the Division of Cardiology at The George Washington
University Medical Center.
   Editorial Notes/Attention television: The press conference may be
viewed in its entirety via satellite starting at 12:30 p.m. (EDT)
C-band Telestar 302, Transponder 2V (dual audio 6.2, 6.8) or KUSBS6,
Transponder 8.  Following the press conference, there will be a news
package and b-roll feed.  Camera-ready illustrations also will be
available at the press conference.
   Telephone hook up to the press conference is planned.
Availability is limited; please call MCS for more information.
   For reporters who will be at the Sheraton Washington attending the
Clinical Research Meeting on Friday morning, minibus transportation
will be provided to the press conference.  The bus will depart at
12 p.m.; it also will be available for return to the Sheraton
after the press conference.
   For more information, contact Steve Hull or Tracy Furey of MCS,
for the GUSTO Study Group, at 800-477-9626; or at the J.W. Marriott
April 29 to April 30 at 202-393-2000 or 202-662-7592.  For more
information about the Clinical Research Meeting, contact Jim
Augustine of Medical Science Communications at 703-644-6824.

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