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 Adiposity 101

First let me say that these two articles on adiposity were *excellent*
and very interesting to me.
About six months ago, I went on a diet and lost ten pounds. I
experienced many of the symptoms listed in the article: sensitivity to
temperature, hair loss, fatigue, and low metabolic rate. In fact the
symptoms were so severe and disturbing to me that I purposely regained
the weight in an attempt to eliminate them.
     Unfortunately, even though I am back at my normal weight (a normal
weight for my size), I am still losing hair and my pulse rate is still

     So my question is, can I expect my metabolism to return to normal
soon? Must I do something else to re-start it? In other words why have
all the side-effects of dieting not gone away?

    Thanks so much for any responses.

Wed, 03 Aug 1994 05:15:34 GMT
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