Request for Discussion, New newsgroup creation, "Ont.paramedics" 
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 Request for Discussion, New newsgroup creation, "Ont.paramedics"


This is a formal Request for Discussion. Please distribute it on all
platforms that might be interested. You are strongly encouraged to
participate in the *discussion* about the possible creation of the
newsgroup "ont.paramedics", in the sole newsgroup, "ont.general". Please
do not post or cross-post your discussion contributions to other newsgroups.

Proposed Group:        ont.paramedics
Status:                unmoderated
Distribution:          Ontario, Canada

Proposed Newsgroup line:  Discussion of Emergency Health Services, prehospital


Ont.paramedics will be an unmoderated discussion group on all aspects of
Emergency Health Services, Prehospital in the Province of Ontario. This
can include, but is not limited to case discussions, distribution of new
information, and discussion of the practice environment. The intended
audience for this proposed group would be paramedics, ambulance officers
and other prehospital emergency care personnel.


Ontario is about to start a province wide initiative in selected centres.
The (OPALS), Ontario Prehospital Advanced Life Support Study wil bring
advanced prehospital skills to the general public in centres not currently
receiving these services. This newsgroup will allow for open discussion
amongst prehospital care personnel around the province, sharing ideas and
news from different parts of Ontario. The existing newsgroup
misc.emerg-services is not suitable for this purpose due to high volume
posting and broad scope of discussion, a more focussed Ontario newsgroup
is needed.


Please post any responses to this message to only the "ont.general" news
group. All discussion about the merits of this proposal should appear on


This RFD was (cross) posted to the following newsgroups.


Jerry Gault, Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Opinions are my own, not my employers

Tue, 14 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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