Xanax and hypocrisy (was: Maximum dose of Xanax) 
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 Xanax and hypocrisy (was: Maximum dose of Xanax)

Subject: Re: Re:Xanax and hypocrisy (was: Maximum dose of Xanax)
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Many of the discussions regarding psychopharmacological treatment seem
to proceed on a moraliztic basis: are these {*filter*} good or bad.  Many
researchers in ADD, for example, have pointed out that there are more
effective {*filter*} than Ritalin, such as methamphetamine, but it is
classified as a *bad* drug: easy to abuse, and is rarely prescribed.
The real issue is that so much prescribing by physicians is ill-informed.  
Prescribing Ritalin for a 10 year-old with ADHD who cannot learn, sit in
class, or relate to friends because of an illness which can be treated is
very different from medicating an active kid who does *not* have ADHD:
someone knowledgeable has to make the diagnosis.  Likewise: panic
disorder is a serious illness with a significant risk for suicide if untreated.

It has to be diagnosed correctly: all panic is not *panic disorder*.  Xanax is
NOT the best long term drug treatment.  Drug treatment PLUS specialized
cognitive-behavi{*filter*}psychotherapy is superior.
I teach psychiatric residents.  We see the results of bad medicine being
practiced, but this does not mean it is impossible to practice well, and in
the interest of the patient - not the pharmaceutical industry and not the
insurance industry.

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