Rot in our medical system 
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 Rot in our medical system

Rot in our medical system

By Arindam Chaudhuri
The Pioneer
Friday, June 8, 2012

Aamir Khans television show on the unethical practices
that doctors indulge in, has expectedly rattled the
medical community. Some doctors have even sought an
apology from the actor for projecting the profession in
bad light. They may protest, but they cant deny the grim

Doctors are angry. Why? Aamir Khan has targeted them in
two of his first four shows. And why not? After all, the
show is called Satyamev Jayate. And the first and most
important responsibility of a civilised society towards
its citizens is that of giving them a good healthcare
system (followed by education, employment and judiciary,
in order to make a good democracy), that too in a country
like India where an estimated 17 per cent of the
population dies before the age of 40. The reality,
however, is shockingly quite worse. The reality is that
in this country, medicines for treatment of cancer
patients in one of the cases, 5,50,000 Morphine and
52,00,000 Morcontin tablets sent by the World Health
Organisation that were supposed to be distributed free
at all the hospitals in India, were dumped beyond their
expiry dates in the stores of hospitals . These were
expensive medicines; Morphine is typically meant to
relieve patients from intensive pain. It basically meant
that in this particular case, patients who could not
afford to buy such costly medicines from the market must
have suffered immense pain, with some of them dying too
without proper treatment. the WHO has, of course,
demanded an explanation. But what is more important for
the masses is that the medical mafia keeps engaging in
such acts to enhance the profits of pharmaceutical

I can easily cite scores of such examples from reports on
the miserable conditions existing in hospitals all over
India. Although examples of the opposite nature are
becoming rarer by the day, there are sparkling
exceptions, and it gives me immense pleasure to write
about one such example the Shramjibi Hospital in Belur,
West Bengal. When the hospital admits a patient, it never
asks the patient to deposit any money. Patients are
almost always surprised to receive a very low bill
(almost always one-fifth of the amount charged in other
hospitals) when the treatment is over. For example, a
coronary bypass surgery for the heart costs Rs 25,000 at
the hospital, inclusive of pre-and post-treatment
charges. In the unfortunate case of the patient expiring
during treatment, the management of this hospital never
presents any bill to the relatives of the patient.
Elsewhere, a bypass surgery may cost upwards of Rs
1,00,000 to Rs 3,50,000.

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