Dioxins and Pregnancy 
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 Dioxins and Pregnancy

My wife works at a company that sits next to an incinerator tagged as a major
source of dioxine emissions.  Since her arrival at the job, she has noticed
that to her knowledge there has not been a single pregnancy at this company
that was not subject to complications--all four have been tubal pregnancies.

Could anyone tell me if there may be a connection?  If so, what to do?

Sun, 17 Nov 1996 15:11:05 GMT
 Dioxins and Pregnancy
        I couldn't tell you direct relations, but dioxins have been connected with
many complications and problems, including pregnancies, cancers, and
especially cancers in children of 'exposed' parents.
I did some research on dioxins and DDTs concentrating on agent orange and
exposure in Vietnam a couple of years ago. Most of my research came from the
documents department at UVM's Bailey-Howe library. I would suggest checking
it out.

Sun, 17 Nov 1996 15:47:33 GMT
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