Removing (?) acne scars 
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 Removing (?) acne scars

During those turbulent {*filter*}age years (10+ years ago), I was plagued by a
rather bad case of cystic acne.  Although accutane helped considerably, I
have some fairly noticeable scars especially on my shoulders and chest.  I
suppose I've always been pretty self-conscious about it - especially as
beach season approaches - so I've been wondering what type of
dermatological procedures or treatments there might be to alleviate the

For example, are there inpatient vs. outpatient treatments?  Is this
something a dermatologist would handle vs. a plastic surgeon?  How big a
cost are we talking about?  I know I should probably consult my physician,
but since we've just moved and belong to an HMO, I haven't really built a
relationship with one.  On top of that, I'd like to have a little
background so I can ask half-way intelligent questions.

Any advice or pointers to specific references or journals would be most
appreciated.  And if there is a newsgroup more appropriate for this type of
discussion, let me know.


Sun, 27 Oct 1996 21:06:48 GMT
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