Pelvic Pain After URS 
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 Pelvic Pain After URS

I had a cystoscopy/left ureterocopy with holmium laser and left ureteral
stent placement to remove a stone in the renal pelvis a little over
three weeks ago; the stent was removed a little over two weeks ago. I
still have left-sided kdiney pain, which I expected; a renal biopsy in
the same kidney was sore for six months. Since the surgery, though, I've
had quite a bit of pelvic pain that doesn't seem to be bladder-related
(I was not catheterized during the procedure).  Stone was removed as it
was believed to be the nidus of a chronic renal infection, and knock
wood, so far, UAs have been negative for bacteria. I am female.

Call the doctor or wait another week or so?

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Sat, 17 Nov 2007 07:01:30 GMT
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