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 DC/ Asthma/Bronchial

N(>  Gee, ron, I will, just as soon as you publish your findings somewhere I
N(>  can read and understand your techniques, patient population, outcomes,

 Yes, but if you start doing what I do, then there is no reason for
 patients to switch doctors any longer.

N(>  Let's see 1 year ago you had experience with, I think, 10,000 patients,
N(>  it must be up to like 20,000 by now.  Quite a case series.

 Nice math...

N(>  I know JAMA won't publish it cause of the {*filter*} and all.

 Thanks for warning me... though I haven't really thought of sending
 them any material since it's not easy to teach an old dog new tricks.

N(>  While you're at it you can explain what intracellular ion activity
N(>  is and how much you charge to measure it.

 If you're hinting for a discount, I have an "early bird" special
 Saturday mornings between 7am - 8am.

N(>  Good to have you back though.

 I don't remember leaving, but thanks for welcoming me back.

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