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 Thyroid info needed

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT
 Thyroid info needed


>D(>  >>>Giving thyroid medication to people with normal thyroid function is
>D(>  >>>not good medical practice.
>D(>  >>Why?
>D(>  >>Even if the supplemental thyroid is only enough to move the recipient's
>D(>  >>thyroid levels closer to the middle of the normal range?
>D(>  >Normal thyroid levels are a RANGE, right?  That means that there is
>D(>  >almost certainly not a single level that is ideal for everyone.
>D(>  Ok...
>D(>  >So, by trying to force someone's levels to a different value when
>D(>  >they're already within normal limits, you could easily be doing more
>D(>  >harm than good?
>D(>  Logic error...  you're close; just have it backwards.  What may be normal
>D(>  for one may be abnormal for another.


>D(>  >Would you favor putting a short person on the rack to bring their
>D(>  >height "closer to the middle of the normal range?"
>D(>  David S.
> David, I agree with you 100%, but you can't argue with the likes
> of Gordon Banks, since it is only natural for them to defend their
> levels of expertise.
> As long as they are incapable of establishing an individual value
> of measurement for patients, their results will continue to reflect
> their mediocrity.

Gordon is not quite that arrogant, but this tendency to feel that a
person is satisfactory in a given measurement if that person falls in
the middle 95% of the population is a total misuse of statistics.

Physicians are often aware that a reading outside the normal range
does not necessarily mean problems, but they are not aware that
readings within the normal range might still be poor for that patient
because of other factors.  

> When I run a chemical analysis on patients (EMR), a comparison is
> made to a genetic reference, not a piece of paper, that's why there
> is no need for a 'RANGE' on MY chemical charts.
> That 'ideal' varies with stress, pregnancy, age, etc., and of course
> from person to person; as a result, it ALWAYS addresses the optimal
> course of treatment, and that is the reason why I have no need to
> subject MY patients to symptomatic drug therapy!

But this is also a gross exaggeration.  Genetic variablility within any
identified group is quite considerable.  As to what the "optimal"
attributes for a person are, this varies from day to day.  The
customary research procedures are not going to find even near-optimal
approaches in a situation which certainly has at least 20 adjustable
dietary and chemical inputs, and probably more than 100, all of which
are of fair importance.
Herman Rubin, Dept. of Statistics, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette IN47907-1399
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