Imitrex problem? 
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 Imitrex problem?

In today's Ottawa newspaper (The Ottawa Citizen, Monday, 3 May 93),
a book is reviewed ("Safety Last" by Nicholas Regush) that claims
the Canadian government approved Imitrex much too quickly due to
pressure from Glaxo, its manufacturer. The book is subtitled,
"The Failure of the Consumer Health Protection System in Canada".

Apparently, "dangerous" side effects affecting the heart were
overlooked. The book compares the approval process to both
Halcion (sleeping pill causing wild emotional swings) and
Toradol (pain-relief alternative to codeine with GI side effects).

Regush is not a favorite of Canada's Health and Welfare department
since he broke the story of danger from the Meme {*filter*} implant.

Imitrex is a new anti-migraine medication approved in Canada in
February 1992.
Robert Allison

Fri, 20 Oct 1995 23:34:00 GMT
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