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On 3 Aug 95 07:19pm, JAY MANN wrote to ALL:

: >>        My wife has reactions the same as you had from spider bites.
: >>        What our doctor and my own research has shown is that what
: >>        is happening is that because of all the pesticides in use
: >>        today that the spiders saliva is slightly toxic. This stems
: >>        from the insects juices that they injest. The occurrences of
: >>        reactions from spider bites is becoming more common and more
: >>        doctors are beginning to see cases. If you get a spider bite
: >>        that bullseyes like that you do need to see a doctor to be
: >>        treated as you can become quite ill from it.
 JM> :
 JM> Yes, even small spiders can give painful long-lasting bites, especially
 JM> if you help them penetrate tender skin, as I did, by jumping on a
 JM> motorcycle seat while wearing very short shorts.  It does occur to me
 JM> that spiders inject venom into their prey, not soda pop. To call this
 JM> venom "slightly toxic saliva" is an understatement.
 JM>  Even worse for your argument, there are records of spider bite problems
 JM> many years and decades before any manmade pesticides were invented.

Jay the reactions I was referring to are beyond normal reactions. Today in
the northeast section of the US where we don't really consider having
poisonous spiders we are seeing people having reactions as severe as
anaphalatic shock from the so called "non poisonous varieties".

I agree that some people had problems from spider bites before manmade
pesticides were invented but what is being seen today is heightened
sensitivity to these bites. Because of this situation people need to be more
aware of bites that before they would tend to ignore.


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