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 RIS Information

We are very interested in any marketing information available on
Radiology Information Systems (RIS), especially for Europe.

Relevant items for instance are:
- Which suppliers exist?
- Which products are available?
- What is their functionality?
- What is their market share?
- Who uses it?

Perhaps marketing reports on this exist. If anybody who reads this group
knows of one, please E-mail it to me. Also, if you use a RIS yourself I am
very interested to know what system you use and how you experience it.


Ben Gorissen

Ing. B.W.M. (Ben) Gorissen      | Philips Medical Systems - ARC
Tel   : (+31-40-7)63081         | Building QP-0113
Fax   : (+31-40-7)62673         | Veenpluis 4-6, P.O.Box 10.000

Sun, 12 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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