Help in treating an ankle injury 
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 Help in treating an ankle injury

I broke my ankle from a couple of places and my doctor noticed some bone chips
in 3 different spots which she said where from previous injuries ( I sprained
the same ankle 3 times before in the last 3 years). Anyway she recommended
that I have a microscopic surgery to remove the bone chips to try and prevent
any calcium buildup in the future. The fractures healed but I still get some
pain even if I didn't do anything that puts a lot of pressure on the ankle
and it wasn't raining.
I went for a 2nd opinion and the 2nd doctor wouldn't recommend having the
surgery and he saw the spots on the X-rays. He put a lot of pressure on the
ankle trying to see where it would hurt but I didn't get any pain that day.
When I asked him about calcium buildup in the future, he said that I was a
good candidate for that and if he was treating me, he would have me go back
to my normal exercise of playing tennis and soccer and see me in 2 months and
see if there's any change.

I'm confused. Has anyone experienced anything similar and can anyone help me
in trying to prevent having any problems in the future and what does anyone
think of microscopic surgeries.

thanks in advance.

Nazih G. Noujaim


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Wed, 15 Feb 1995 03:37:54 GMT
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