Craniosacral therapy was "hippotherapy" 
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 Craniosacral therapy was "hippotherapy"

An earlier thread on the use of "hippotherapy" in physical therapy has
raised  questions about some of the other controversial treatment
techniques used by many physical therapists and others: craniosacral
therapy, somatoemotional release and the newest- visceral manipulation.  

The claims the purveyors of these courses are unusual, IMHO.  A brochure
I  received last week advertising  a course for craniosacral therapy
explained that the "craniosacral system provides the environment in which
your brain and spinal cord develop and function".   Also included were the
quotes, "the rhythm of the craniosacral system can be felt as clearly as
the rhythms of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  Uniquely,
palpitation is used to observe and correct both function and dysfunction
of the craniosacral system" and "Acting like a semi-closed hydraulic
system, the influx and reabsorption of the cerebral spinal fluid creates a
distinct rhythm, at a rate of six to 12 cycles per minute.  Information
can be gained quickly by palpating the craniosacral rhythm for rate,
amplitude, symmetry and quality."  

It is possible that my training in physiology was incomplete, because I
was never taught about the rhythm of the craniosacral system.  I am
curious how this rhythm can be palpated through the tissue overlying this
system.  If the  craniosacral rhythm can be palpated with human hands,
surely a machine of some sort should be able to sense and quantify this
rhythm.  Could a proponent of this treatment approach please tell me where
this information has been published in scientific journals.  Have the
"rate, amplitude, symmetry and quality" of craniosacral  rhythm palpation
been evaluated for sensitivity and specificity?  

Obviously I am skeptical of this technique, but I am receptive to solid
data.  If you know of data substantiating this technique, please answer
this post.  

Danny Martin, Ph D, PT
Dept. of Physical Therapy
University of Florida

Sat, 11 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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