Genetic fingerprinting 
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 Genetic fingerprinting


>[I keep hearing about 'genetic fingerprinting' being used to
>[unequivocally identify rapists, sex-{*filter*}ers etc. Presumably, this
>[refers to genetic material being matched with the suspect. My question
>[is, can such genetic information be extracted from any cells, such
>[as {*filter*}, skin etc or just {*filter*}? Do body fluids such as sweat or
>[saliva contain any identifying features or is everyone's the same?
>[Many thanks,

  genetic fingerprinting refers to DNA blotting techniques. You need a
  cell (any except red {*filter*} cells which have lost their nuclei...),
  then extracts the cell's DNA content, then fiddle around with it
  (PCR, and other techniques) and voila: you have a wonderful probe!

  Let's not go into any details...

   Hope this helps a bit!

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