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 Option of Midwives for Del

I basically agree that midwives would be helpful in some situations.
I am no fan of "alternative birthing centers" as for the most part they are no
where nearly as well suited for the unexpected emergency as they say they are,
and have little or no ped/neonatal coverage.
Furthermore there is the economic side, a hospital pays for expensive
technology in one of two ways, either it charges a huge fee for that
particular service, or it amortizes the cost over a large number of patients
who dont need the full service but only a small portion.
An example would be a bone marrow transplant unit versus a Radiation Oncology
unit.  LAF's are expensive, and the number of patients who use them are small,
so transplants are 150,000 dollars a pop, Linear accelerators are vastly more
expensive, and while most of the patients receiving RT don't need the full
capacity of the Linac, its cost can be born by a large number of patients and
the cost stays comparatively low.  Such a situation exists in OB.  Perinatal
centers are expensive
in terms of technology and manpower, if only women with high-risk pregancies
are treated there, the cost would be vastly greater than it is now.  
Fortunately most perinatal centers can "down-regulate" to handle normal
pregnancies and thus spread their cost over a larger patient population.  If
all the low risk women went to "alternative
centers," those remaining would have not only the trauma of a high- risk
delivery, but also the trauma of a bill that could be enormous.

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Sat, 15 May 1993 21:38:35 GMT
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