Heart Screening for Kids with ADHD at UVA Children's Hospital 
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 Heart Screening for Kids with ADHD at UVA Children's Hospital


Heart Screening for Kids with ADHD at UVA Children's Hospital

The University of {*filter*}ia Children's Hospital will offer heart screening
for children with ADHD starting next week. The American Heart Association
recently recommended that children on stimulant medicine get cardiac exams
and ECG, to screen for heart disease.



All children should have an electrocardiogram to test for heart problems
before being prescribed ADHD {*filter*}, American cardiologists have urged.

It follows fears that the {*filter*}, such as Ritalin and Concerta, can - on rare
occasions - lead to heart attacks, and sudden cardiac death for children
with underlying heart problems.

Between 1999 and 2004, 19 children on ADHD medication in America died
suddenly and 26 had strokes, cardiac arrests and heart palpitations,
according to the US cooking.net">food and Drug Administration.

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