'Re: womyn/menopause/bone-density..hormone treatment?'. 
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 'Re: womyn/menopause/bone-density..hormone treatment?'.

I read recently that there is an {*filter*}calcitonin treatment that has shown
some promise.  Before reading that (I think in an article in *Science
News*), I had heard that calcitonin had been rather disappointing as a
treatment for osteoporosis, and that prevention, namely a good supply of
calcium (childhood through {*filter*}s and during pregnancy and lactation,
especially), and estrogen replacement therapy at menopause were the best
approach to osteoporosis.  Can this or any drug reverse the effects of 20
- something years of bone loss that leads to the fractures of osteoporosis

Thanks for any information,

Layne VB

Tue, 19 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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