Should I be angry at this doctor? 
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 Should I be angry at this doctor?

Mike Quigley writes:
>How about going to a doctor to get some minor surgery done. Doctor
>refuses to do it because it's ``to risky'' (still charges me $50!).
>I go home and do it myself. No problem.

Mike, as unlikely as it may seem, we physicians sometimes don't dive in
feet-first at the chance to do procedures which are potentially harmful.
"Primum non nocere" - Latin for "First do no harm".  Had your physician
gone ahead with your pine-needle-ectomy, and had you been unhappy with the
result, I suspect your message would have been accusing him/her of

You did the procedure yourself anyways, without harming yourself.  You
might want to count yourself lucky at $50.  If you had blown it, an
Emergency Room visit would have been less of a bargain. (To say nothing of
the smirks we give home surgeons... ;-)


Fri, 20 Oct 1995 04:18:31 GMT
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