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        I am a fifth year  research student and I am beginning a new project.
I am interested in various eating disorders.  After reading a short article
in Science News, August 13, 1994, I decided to do my research this year on
bulimia;specifically to answer the following questions:

Are !at risk! bulimics able to be identified before symptoms occur?

Is it possible to identify high school females most likely to develop bulimia
by their weight-control tactics?

Is it possible to identify high school females who will develop bulimia in
the future?

One out of every ten adolescents is likely to develop an eating disorder.
The purpose of this project is to identify {*filter*} age females who are most
likely to develop bulimia, so that measures may be taken by the female in
order to prevent this eating disorder from developing any further.  If
{*filter*}agers are able to prevent this disease before it becomes too late, many
lives will be saved as a result.

If you have any ideas concerning this topic or specific suggestions for
research, please respond to my teacher.  Thank you very much for any ideas,
suggestions, bibliographical information you can provide.

Anna Reichley
RHS Science Research

Mon, 24 Feb 1997 04:33:42 GMT
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