ISMB Special Open Poster Session 
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 ISMB Special Open Poster Session

                  Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology
                       SPECIAL OPEN POSTER SESSION

                           August 16, 1994
                         7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
                        Fairchild Auditorium
                        Stanford University
                            Stanford, CA

ISMB-94 will host a special open poster session for informal
presentations of promising and early research in the area of complex
software systems for molecular biology applications.  Appropriate posters
for this session would highlight creative approaches, novel problem
formulations, and interesting recent results; and should present
material that will be new to most of the audience.

The primary goal of the ISMB Conference is the high quality of its formal
presentations and published Proceedings.  However, another major goal
is to foster productive professional interactions.  This special
poster session is intended to bring researchers into informal contact
with each other and with the latest work in their area of interest.

The special poster session is unreviewed and open to all, but
participants must register in advance to ensure that space will be
available.  Registration will be taken on a first-come first-served
basis, and will continue until all available slots are filled.
Space is limited, and early registration is encouraged.

To register for this special poster session, send email giving name,

Conference registration material can be obtained by sending a request to

(415) 723-6979.  It can also be found in WWW page:

Doug Brutlag                             (415) 723-6593
Department of Biochemistry               (415) 328-7837  FAX

Stanford University School of Medicine                  
Stanford, California 94305-5307

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