follow up info: Need MD/RN for EMLA video 
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 follow up info: Need MD/RN for EMLA video

Thanks to all who have responded to my posting concerning a hospital-based
MD to be featured in a nationally distributed video  concerning EMLA for
topical anesthesia.
This cream has its greatest use among children, generally those undergoing
multiple needle procedures for a variety of conditions ranging from
dialysis and chemotherapy to superficial skin surgery and routine

Many of you have described interesting and innovative ways in which topical
anesthesia with EMLA has been integrated into your practices, and have
identified other important patient groups.

In fact, the response from colleagues has been tremendous. Please continue
e-mailing to me if you are interested in being considered. Please note:
RNs, DOs, and PAs are encouraged to respond if you represent a
hospital-based practice group. Those of you who have responded, please be


Steven B. Abrams, MD

Fri, 17 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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