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 Request for "toxicology software" newsgroup

Hello.  I feel like the simple son, here: I don't even know where to ask
my question.

I am trying to find information on a certain program which computes
tumor risks related to toxic exposure.  Any suggestions on which
newsgroup(s) to post?

(The program is called ToxRisk, published by Clement Associates.  I am
looking for anecdotes of good or bad experiences with it.)

Thanks very much.  Please e-mail to make sure I don't miss your post.


Rick Chappell <> Asst. Professor, Depts. of Statistics and Biostatistics

K6/430 Clinical Science Center <> 600 Highland Ave <> Madison, WI  53792
(608) 263-5572 / FAX 263-1059 <> take logs

Sat, 24 May 1997 06:45:46 GMT
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