sore throat pain 
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 sore throat pain

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 From: Doug Mosher
 Subject: sore throat pain

 I have a persistent sore throat going on its third week. At first it cultured
 as strep non-A; I took a 10-day course of Erythromycin and it then cultures
 negative. But it's getting worse. We do have a culture in for yeast but that
 is expected to take up to 7 weeks; use of mycelex {*filter*}troches does not seem
 to have much effect.

 There is also occasional severe ear pain. Direct examination of ear-nose-
 throat shows only minor irritation, nothing dramatic.

 My doc has concluded "viral" and has prescribed degongestant/antihistamine and
 any desired OTC cough drops. The d/a clearly makes a difference in the ear
 (from severe pain to little or none) but the throat can only be kept under
 control with lots of Sucrets-type cough drops (hexylresourcinol 2.4%, otc).

 I have several comments/questions:

 1. There appears to be NO daily limit on consuming hexylresourcinol, not on
 the package, not in the PDR. Can you just eat these things till your toes
 freeze? Till you get fat?

 2. The throat hurts a lot so I am tempted to consume one every 30-60 minutes.

 3. What alternatives are there? Should I push for a systemic painkiller, and
 if so, what type? (I also already consume 1200mg ibuprofen currently).

 I'm just interested in ideas to pursue with my doc, since the blasted thing is
 so uncomfortable.

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      sore throat pain

Thu, 17 Sep 1992 00:16:00 GMT
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