Hard contact lenses, gas permeable -- the cleaning method since '72 that I've used 
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 Hard contact lenses, gas permeable -- the cleaning method since '72 that I've used

In '72 I discovered hard, gas-permeable contact lenses and I haven't
used anything else since then. (My eyes are too different in myopia to
use glasses without a massive headache.)

In '72 a Boston optician said, "Just use dish soap on them and that'll
clean them well enough. And every six months or so, you might want to
just use toothpaste on them if they start clouding up."

That's been my routine now for 35 years and they have been very easy
to care for. I haven't done the toothpaste bit more than once every
several years or so, but hard lenses are really easy to take care of.

One thing I've added over the years is a drop of Hibiclens (active
ingredient chlorhexidine gluconate) to the water of the contact lens
cases at night, and I might change the water every couple of days or
so. Seems to me that this does a very adequate job of killing

Any reactions to this?

I remember vividly in the summer of '73 when my father called on the
phone and I hadn't gotten off ALL the soap when I answered him. Quite
painful for a few seconds. In all the years since then I have gotten
the soap off in less than about 25 seconds or so with no difficulty at

I like simple, low cost, and effective. Seems to me that this fits
those parameters. (I also brush my teeth with a drop of hibiclens on
my toothpaste and have been doing that since '82.)



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