AquaThought Foundation Incorporated Into New Dolphin Center and Neurotechnology Company 
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 AquaThought Foundation Incorporated Into New Dolphin Center and Neurotechnology Company

January 26, 1996

AquaThought Foundation Incorporated Into New Dolphin Center and
Neurotechnology Company

(Ft. Myers, Florida)  The AquaThought Foundation, a private research
organization which studies the neurological impact of dolphin
interaction, has become part of a new alliance which has dedicated
itself to the exploration of dolphin assisted therapy and the
application of resultant neurotechnology. Spearheaded by Jim Jacoby, of
Jacoby Development, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, this effort in forward
thinking, ecologically conscious development will yield Sanibel Dolphin
Center, the first dolphin interaction center in the world to focus
exclusively on dolphin-human interaction. In conjunction with
InnerSense, a leading manufacturer of neurotechnology products, and the
AquaThought Foundation, Jacoby Development has created the MindSet
Corporation. MindSet will assimilate the products and technologies of
InnerSense and AquaThought -- and will commercialize the
neurotechnological developments of the dolphin interaction center.

The Sanibel Dolphin Center, to be located in Ft. Myers, Florida, will
facilitate dolphin assisted therapy programs, dolphin interaction
research, adjunct therapeutic modalities, and research and development
in related neurotechnology and virtual reality enterprises. The
preeminent doctor in the field of dolphin assisted therapy, Dr. Dave
Nathanson, will relocate his highly successful Dolphin Human Therapy
organization to the center.  Dr. Hillburn Hillestad, who has recently
joined Jacoby Development, has brought his expertise in environmental
preservation to the project, providing for a development which is a
benefit to the humans who will visit the center, the dolphins and other
marine mammals which will be cared for there, and the environment
surrounding the center. AquaThought's chairman, David Cole, will chair
the Dolphin Center's research committee. A high-bandwidth Internet
connection  and a variety of tele-presence imaging and acoustic
transduction devices will tie the Center to academic organizations,
other dolphin therapy and research programs, and location-based-
entertainment facilities (MindWave locations).

MindSet Corporation will integrate InnerSense's VibraSound and other
neurotechnology products, InnerSpace - InnerSense's location-based-
entertainment venue which applies neurotechnology to the emerging
industry of virtual reality entertainment, and the AquaThought
Foundation's commercial projects- MindSet, a low-cost neuromapping EEG
system , and {*filter*}Fin, an immersive dolphin encounter
simulator. Don Estes, former president of InnerSense and renowned
neurotechnology developer, is president of MindSet Corporation. MindSet
will act as the research and development arm of the Sanibel Dolphin
Center and will resale any resultant products, as well as all above
mentioned products, under the MindSet brand.

MindWave location-based-entertainment centers, wholly owned subsidiaries
of MindSet, will provide public access to the technologies and research
of MindSet. Visitors to a MindWave center will experience state-of-the-
art "ride-style" entertainment which is the result of 100 man-years of
research in neurotechnology, vibrational therapy, dolphin interaction,
and virtual reality. The first MindWave location will open in Atlanta's
Buckhead area, in February.

Together, the Sanibel Dolphin Center, MindSet, and MindWave encompass
every facet of AquaThought's research and development efforts. Sanibel
Dolphin Center provides AquaThought with a permanent location in which
to conduct research, which will greatly enhance the research process. By
channeling our efforts into this new synergistic structure, AquaThought
has taken a major step in achieving its mission of understanding human-
dolphin interaction and developing resultant technology for the benefit
of human-kind.

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