Lyme Disease Conference 3/25-26/2000! 
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 Lyme Disease Conference 3/25-26/2000!

You can still sign-up and get a room at the hotel!!  

****** Clinical Management &  Research Update  ********

Jointly Sponsored by:
 The College of Physicians  & Surgeons of Columbia Univ.
               and Lyme Disease Foundation

Keynote Speakers:
? Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
    Protecting the  Public Health
? Senator Christopher Dodd - United States Senate - CT
? Willy Burgdorfer, PhD, MD (hon)
    Discoverer of the pathogen causing LD

March 25 & 26, 2000      Farmington Marriott, Farmington, CT

Place: Hartford Marriott, Farmington, CT   800-228-9290
   $79 single/double.  Breakfast incl!  

Registration Incl:  2 lunches, 2 receptions, 4 breaks, scientific sessions, &

To register call the LDF at 860-525-2000.

Travel: Huntington Hay Travel  800-783-9783. BradleyAirport

****************** PROGRAM AGENDA *******
March 24, 2000  Friday
? Reception and Registration - 7-10pm - Entertainment at the program

March 25, 2000  Saturday
? Registration 7 am - 8 am
? Program 8 am - 5:15 pm
? Reception 7 pm - 10 pm - Entertainment! Monty Python does Shakespeare


? Keynote:  Richard Blumenthal, Atty General of Ct
? West Nile Virus:  Epicenter to epidemic and 2000
                Tracey McNamara, DVM, Diplomate ACVP   Wildlife Conservation / Bronx Zoo

? West Nile in Connecticut
                John Anderson, PhD   Ct Agricultural Exper. Sta.        
? Overview of human ehrlichioses and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in the US  
                Christopher Paddock, MD   CDC
? Babesiosis  
                Peter Krause, MD   Univ. of Ct  
? Prevalence of infection in ticks submitted to the human test kit program of
the U.S. Army Center
        Ellen Stromdahl, MS  US Army  
? Analysis of Southern Borrelia
                Angela James, PhD   CDC
? Coinfections
                Louis Magnarelli, PhD   Ct Agricultural Exper. Sta.
? Preliminary findings of hyperbaric oxygen treatment
                Charles Pavia, PhD   NY Medical College
? Immunity against host-adapted Bb in the rabbit
                James Miller, PhD   UCLA School of Medicine
? Immunologic aspects of Vlse, a Bb antigenic variation protein
                Steve Norris, PhD   Univ. of Tx Medical School
? An immuno{*filter*} peptide of Bb Vlse: Diagnosis & pathogenesis
                Mario Philipp, PhD   Tulane Univ. School of Medicine
? Antibiotic treatment of Lb: A review of results with dogs
                Rheinhard Straubinger, DVM, PhD   Cornell Univ.  
? A Bb repetitive antigen that confers protection against experimental LD
                Jon Skare, PhD   Texas A & M
? Use of the borreliacidal assay in the serodiagnosis of LD
                Ronald Schell, PhD   Univ. of WI School of Medicine
? Lyme neuroborreliosis - PCR and culture in the diagnosis & in the
confirmation of relapse after antibiotic treatment
                Jarmo Oksi, MD, PhD   Turku University Central Hospital, Department of
Medicine, Finland
? Laboratory Testing Panel
                Mark Golightly, MD   SUNY at Stony Brook
                Eli Mordechai, PhD   Medical Diagnostic Labs
                Ronald Schell, PhD   Univ. of WI  
                Jyotsna Shah, PhD   Igenex Laboratories
                Richard Tilton, PhD   BBI Clinicial Laboratories
                Steven Schutzer, MD   UMDNJ

                   March 26, 2000  Sunday
? Keynote     Willy Burgdorfer, PhD, MD   NIH
? Immune evasion system in the LD spirochetes
                Richard Marconi, PhD   Medical College of {*filter*}ia      
? Matrix metalloproteinases in LD
                George Perides, PhD   Beth Israel Medical Ctr
? Interleukin-10 regulation during acute Lyme arthritis in dogs
                Reinhard Straubinger, DVM, PhD   Cornell Univ.
? T-cell response
                Adriana Marques, MD   NIH
? Protection against tick-transmitted disease in dogs vaccinated with a
multiantigenic vaccine
                Alan Frey, PhD   NYU School of Medicine
? Update on the SKB OspA vaccine
                Dennis Parenti, MD   SmithKline Beecham Biologicals
? Atypical EM and acute Lyme disease
                Edwin Masters, MD   Regional Primary Care Physicians
? Neurologic Lyme disease in {*filter*}s
                Patricia Coyle, MD   SUNY at Stony Brook.
? Neurologic Lyme disease in children and adolescents
                Dorothy Pietrucha, MD, FAAP   Jersey Shore Med. Ctr
? Cognitive deficits in children & public health implications
                Marian Rissenberg, MD   Columbia Univ.  
? Neuroimaging in neuropsychiatric LD: Uses, abuses, & future
                Brian Fallon, MD   Columbia Univ.
? Pharmacologic properties of antibiotics and LD
                Sam Donta, MD   Boston Univ.  
? Treatment Roundtable
                Joseph Burrascano, MD   Southampton Hospital
                Sam Donta, MD   Boston University School of Medicine
                Lesley Fein, MD   Morristown Memorial Hospital
                Kenneth Liegner, MD   Westchester Medical Center
                Dorothy Pietrucha, MD   Jersey Shore Medical Center

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