Nosebleeds in kids 
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 Nosebleeds in kids

DRO>>The best thing I've found for nosebleeds is an acute homeopathic formula

DRO>Hmmm...... that sounds like a bunch of Hooie stuff to me, but that is just
DRO>my opinion.

DRO>In grade school in the winter I would have 2-3 nosebleeds per week.  The
DRO>school secretary/nurse and I became quite familiar :-)
DRO>Anyways, the best method I found is once the nose bleed starts,
DRO>blow your nose to remove any mucus that prevents proper clotting.
Then DRO>pinch the *soft* part of the nose, and tilt your head forward.
Ice or DRO>a cold washcloth used to help pinch can speed up the
clotting.  I still DRO>hate the "old bag" that pinched the bony part of
my nose HARD and pushed DRO>my head back - because she "knew" what was
best.  I swallowed enough DRO>{*filter*} that I became {*filter*}ly sick to my
stomach.  The vomit through DRO>the nose of course restarted the

Odd note about chilhood nosebleeds... When I was a young child, what
seemed to stop a minor nosebleed was place the blade of a chilled butter
knife against your spine (not the edge of a blade, place the flat side
of a blade). A chilled metal ruler also worked. I have no idea why. I
just remember that it worked.

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Tue, 03 Sep 1996 15:54:00 GMT
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