Status of Medical Practice Abroad 
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 Status of Medical Practice Abroad

The bulk of the literature in the United States targeted for the
pre-medical student market indicates that as a consequence of the
increasing cost of malpractice insurance, the highly aggressive
cost containment practices of large medical corporations, and the
increasing contempt with which many citizens view their physicians
that the prospects for a satisfying career in clinical practice
have all but completely disappeared.  In addition, the predicted
"doctor glut" both overall and particularly in specialist fields
threatens to make this less than attractive practice environment
even more gloomy.  I am curious about the experience of M.D.'s who
decided to go abroad to practice.  I suspect expatriot doctors may
successfully avoid many of the negative aspects of the domestic
M.D. marketplace but suffer from additional difficulties imposed
by their new choice of practice environment.

Thu, 19 Nov 1992 09:24:52 GMT
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