Seeking Nose + Throat Info 
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 Seeking Nose + Throat Info


I am looking for information on nose, throat and sinus cavity
problems, treatments etc.  

I am a 24 year old singer.  The problem I am looking to remedy
(if it is at all possible) is that my sinses and nasal passages
seem to be "tight" when I sing.  Also, it makes my voice sound
rather nasal (but not quite like Rudolph :)  )  This is mostly
problematic in my singing voice but is also noticable in my
speaking voice.  Much of singing is resonance which occurs in
the front of the head -- sinus areas.  

Can anyone suggest anything.  I love to sing, it was my
undergraduate major.  I took lessons for years at the Cleveland
Institute of Music.  I feel that I am performing the proper
technique fairly well.  

Singing is an activity I wish to actively pursue but I am
waiting to see if I can get my voice in gear...the competition
for baritones is fierce and I know I cannot compete.  

So to recap:

1.  Voice tone nasality
2.  Possible sinus "tightness"

Thanks in advance!!


Sat, 19 Jul 1997 05:43:14 GMT
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